this is a piece of my life
this is my food, my poop
Mock or Discreet
What ever... It doesn't matter
so welcome and unwelcome
to my gray-full space...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

"england belongs to me"

I did this poster for a personal client who gave me a six hour
deadline to finish. Since time was really tight, I quickly picked
up the pace and was done in four hours. The theme was taken
from a song called “England Belongs to Me”, a moment in
British history where industrial revolution was taking place at
the time, resulting in Labor Day. Lucinda Rogers, an
illustrator, was one of my biggest influences during this work.

The Song :
Cock Sparrer (initially Cock Sparrow) are a punk rock band
formed in 1974 in the East End of London, England

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Thinker


Freidrich Nietzche (1844-1900)
A Figure that i despise but yet i truly amazed by his
thinking, a Figure who dedicated his lives for thinking the
new ways of life.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


One of my best friend, asked me for making some quite interesting subjects for another artwork series...
Lets see....

"kiplay turn alay", when i dream to be a suplay (SUPLAY = SUPER ALAY)
"figure of true cenes", (CENES = Slank word for CHINESE)
"kedai kopi = coffee shop"

Friday, October 3, 2008

“acoustic is evil series - queen”

Taken from the same personal work I did, “Acoustic is
Evil”. The idea and design are the same, just a different
pose with the character.

“acoustic is evil series - king”

An illustration designed for my personal work – where
the main idea comes from the title “Acoustic is Evil”.
A simple illustration where I was expressing
sarcastically how girls love to gossip, even the truth.
This is made for one of my personal t-shirts.

“pixel me”

This is one of my many personal projects. Basically I’m
very much into 8-bit and retro culture ranging from
fashion, concept, styles to design. What I did here was to
implement all that into an illustration, a girl being the main
character who is apparently enjoying being stuck in her own
little 8-bit world and inviting anyone to come and

“sigh - series”

A personal illustration which was solely designed for
one of my owned t-shirts called “Sigh – Series”.
The theme is taken from the bad habits or situations
that can occur between two individual couple – this
case the man being rejected for sex from his partner.
A Japanese comical scene is used here, since I admire
them for being so expression-al in every way.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

“self dream”

A poster made for a personal client – a visualization
of his dreams to be a professional photographer. The rainbow
represents a massive amount of ideas flowing through
the client’s head, causing the crystal-face shining brightly
being full of ideas. The forest resembled his extreme
comfort and true passion as a photographer, and
the rain drops being the obstacles. The white doves are
his symbol of expressing to the world for his
professionalism in his area of expertise. The basic
concept of this illustration is about how following
one’s dream of being a professional photographer
is possible, even though going through certain obstacles.

“emotion series - sad”

One of the few illustrations I made on children’s
variety set of pure emotions,this one being a
crying sad girl.

“emotion series - angry”

I have always been intrigued with children on
how deep and sincere when expressing
themselves, with a whole variety set of pure
. So therefore I created a few
illustrations of children with their own emotions,
in this case which is anger in a boy.


Personal Interpretation

1. Wallow (verb) as "Wallow In" (of a person), indulge in unrestained way in (something that creates a pleasurable sensation)
2. bee (Phrase) as "have a bee in one's bonnet" meaning, be preoccupied or obsessed about something, esp. a scheme or plan of action

WALLOWBEE, obsessed about details & pattern, and very much indulged by it


A guy with a strapped head on electricity, while that fucking dodo bird kept JOLTING that fucking lever!!


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